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Hayley Nicole Wilson

Hayley Nicole Wilson is an Entrepreneur, Author of The Me Project Success Guide [2016]The Me Project Wellness Guide [2018] and The Me Project Attraction Guide [2020]. She is a passionate Australian Personal Development expert, Mother, contributor to Coaching Life Magazine and compelling change agent.

An authority on leading edge practical and spiritual pathways to success, Hayley designed The Me Project to empower people globally to realize their own unique vision of success. Her novels, Personal Success Sessions, popular Podcast and app [search: theofficialmeproject] are transforming lives globally.


Her greatest success to date is helping an individual on the verge of declaring bankruptcy purchase their first home and amass thousands of dollars in savings.


Her Personal Success Sessions are the most innovative in the global Personal Development/Life Coaching industry due to combining both practical and spiritual aspects to address all planes of human existence. Her tactics and strategies enable others to confidently become Personal Success Coaches, further making a difference to the lives of others.  


Hayley is empowered to work where her true passion and talents exist and is a catalyst for positive change in the lives of billions of people globally. Her burning desire is to show others how change is absolutely possible under any circumstances and how to start living their lives authentically, as they truly desire them to be.