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Your 20 minute results coaching session to thrive...
A results coaching call will help you:
- Determine your personal vision of success
- Create life changing goals
- Achieve extraordinary results

Life Coaching Sessions (Online - 5x 1 hour)

Life Coaching Sessions (Online - 5x 1 hour)

Price: $ 2000.00
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Re-write your life story!


Schedule personalised, online coaching sessions, hosted over the internet with professional, world-class life coach, Hayley Nicole Wilson. 


You can use coaching sessions to help you:


-Achieve success in the areas of life you desire it 
-Gain focus and clarity 
-Create, develop and monetise your ideas
-Become a better leader
-Achieve your health and fitness goals
-Change your life and prepare for change
-Ignite passion in relationships. 


Working directly, intimately and consistently with a coach will help you to maximise your experience and results. 

You will receive 5 x sessions for up to an 1 hour duration. Book now from the home page of The Me Project website. Contact for additional information.