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The Me Project Personal Success Session

The Me Project Personal Success Session

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The Me Project is a dedicated personal success session for those:

-Seeking change in unfulfilled life areas
-Aspiring Personal Success Coaches

This session is founded by Hayley Wilson, author of The Me Project Success Guide and is designed for those seeking personal development and self-improvement. The session runs for 4 hours approx. to an always intimate group of up to 30 people. 

The session incorporates reflective learning, some group discussion and is focused on leading edge success topics:

-How to create success in any area of your life
-Personal Success Coaching
-How to use the laws of the universe
-Role of imagination in attaining goals
-Helpful ways of thinking
-Reality-transforming practices
-Goal achievement
-Creating wealth and abundance
-Body, Mind and Spirit pathways to success. 

Completion of the session provides attendees with the advantage of having formed the right mindset, attitude, focus and use of balanced resources to succeed at causing change for themselves and others throughout life.

Likeminded people who are serious about creating changes in their lives are able to work together towards achieving their goals and support each other's journey. 

Requirements for participation in The Me Project include an open mind to learning new concepts and processes to obtaining success, ability to learn new things, sound mental health and a willingness to do what it takes to obtain success. A positive and supportive presence will enhance the experience of others.


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