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FREE Success Kick-off Call!
Your 20 minute results coaching session to thrive...
A results coaching call will help you:
- Determine your personal vision of success
- Create life changing goals
- Achieve extraordinary results


Success Session Experiences 

Significant success can never be achieved in isolation. It's also not fulfilling that way. We are the start of your self-awareness and success journey. 


The Me Project partners with high-energy, accredited, industry-leading experts and coaches to offer Success Sessions to those seeking change in their lives. We provide the ideal environment and outlet to turbocharge the achievement of those very things you desire, but have yet been successful in obtaining: 


  • Designed for those seeking change in their lives - Relationships, Health, Financial abundance, Career, Well-being and more. 




  • Designed for those who seek to understand what wellness truly is, how it is possible to attain it and creative guidance to support the creation of their very own wellness story. 




  • Designed for those who seek to understand what mindfulness is, how it can utilised to transform a busy, stressful existence and also to learn strategies for how to implement it successfully into their current lifestyle. 




  • Designed for those seeking to understand EI, obtain strategies to enhance their own level of EI and realise the far reaching benefits which using EI can have on their careers, relationships, wealth and results they achieve in life. 



All Success Sessions at The Me Project come with optional on-going Personal Success Coaching from your own dedicated Coach (accountability partner) to support the embedding of your learning, encourage on-going application of your learning and to provide additional post-session support. 


Success Sessions are $399 each (4 hour session). Book your spot in a Success Session securely from the Home Page of The Me Project website. For session dates and times contact: 


The Me Project Premium Subscriber Podcast
Exclusive Personal Success Sessions. Register via the home page of our website. Accessible via app on Google Play. $5.00 a month.
The Me Project Success Session Experiences