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Alya Aljubaili
Medicine Student, School of Medicine - University of Sydney

"I learned a lot about toxic relationships. I did not know that toxic people were to be avoided at all costs because of the damage that they could do to us (physically and mentally). I love the fact that you gave examples to expand on points you've made (e.g. reposition the truth). I also loved how you said that lies prevent a person from understanding you. That really clicked with me.


Affirmations, if repeated enough create belief. That is what I really needed to hear from you and it will be my mantra forever.


I have come to realise that I can succeed and do whatever I want as long as I affirm myself enough times until it becomes belief. I strongly believe that by subscribing to your YouTube channel that I will learn many golden nuggets that will enrich my life".  





Irina Schweizer
Office Administrator, Newtown NSW - from Germany

"Thanks so much for the wonderful and interesting Saturday morning. It was very informative for me and I have learned new things I can implement in my life".    





Grace Nguyen
Co-Founder of Fosbiz and Student of Medicine, Sydney  

"Your positive and open-minded outlook on life is something to be commended for! I think I'm going to start journalling now :-)". 




Alireza Fahidi 
Water Resources Engineer, Sydney   

"I liked the information which you presented in your presentation".






Zayn Budinsky

Legal Industry - Sydney

"I think The Me Project is really great since it provides so much information on different aspects of changing your life".



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