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FREE Success Kick-off Call!
Your 20 minute results coaching session to thrive...
A results coaching call will help you:
- Determine your personal vision of success
- Create life changing goals
- Achieve extraordinary results

Why Use A Life Coach From The Me Project?


Success in the areas of life which matter to us the most can leave us feeling fulfilled, alive,
happy and accomplished; all fantastic states of well-being to aspire to!


It is challenging to be completely focused and achieve our own personal versions of success

in isolation.


A Personal Success Life Coach is simply another individual who will stretch, challenge and hold

you accountable to achieving that very important thing that you want in life, but just haven't
been successful in obtaining.


It all begins by guiding you through a thought-challenging, creative process right through to
ensuring you realize that success, however impossible it may seem.


A Personal Success Life Coach is not:

-A friend to confide in
-A psychologist, therapist, mentor or psychic
-A gifted person with superior qualities
-Someone who gives instructions or orders
-A motivational speaker

A Personal Success Life Coach is dedicated to ensuring the accomplishment of your aim or purpose. 

A life coach achieves this by:

-Utilising their own proven and successful methods of how to create success to help direct success
viewing the individual as already perfect; however, seeking further insight and development

-Operating with a toolkit of spiritual, thought-provoking and physical methods to achieve results
with the understanding that humans operate in spiritual, thinking and physical planes of existence.

In the context of The Me Project, your desired success is unique, it's personal and this session will
help you change your life.

What a Personal Success Life Coach can help you achieve is limitless. Goals could include:

-Being an honest person
-Living more simply
-Eliminating jealousy
-Treating the body as a temple
-Discovering the type of love you desire
-Making enough money doing what you love


Know that all things are possible!


To change your life or to develop skills to be a Personal Success Life Coach, book an in-person success session or register to our Premium Subscriber Podcast - all from the home page of our website. For details, contact:  

Life Coaching Sessions (Online - 5x 1 hour)
Life Coaching Session (Face-to-face x1 hour)